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Preserve your property from wildfire

Structure and Property Evaluation
This process identifies ignition points and how you can reduce or eliminate them.
There are 4 potential ignition zones to review
  • Structure - where could embers collect and ignite a fire
  • Priority Zone 1 & 2 - fuels that could carry the fire to the structure 
  • Priority Zone 3 - Reduction of ladder fuels
Report With Suggested Steps of Action
Once we have done an analysis of your property or community we create two documents. The first document identifies and scores your property risk. The second document identifies steps of action and priority. 
Primary things we will look at:

  • Roof composition, eaves, decks, and exposed areas under porches and decks
  • Trees near your structure, wood piles, brush that could bring ground fire to the canopy, fuel storage
  • Vegetation composition and density, heavy forest floor fuel loading

The greater Bragg Creek area is rated the #1 fire risk in Alberta

With the growing fuel loads, and increased human activity in our community, a wild fire would quickly impact multiple homes and overwhelm emergency services.

You can take pre-emptive steps to protect your home from wildfire.

  • 50% of home losses were not caused by direct flame, but by embers igniting combustable materials on the roof and around the home.


  • Fire needs an ignition source to burn - remove the ignition source, and fire won't spread.

There are an overwhelming number of case studies and scientific evidence that prove if you remove ignition sources within a 10 M radius of your home, and use non combustable construction material, you can mitigate your risk of loss. 

Our home and community hazard assessment process 

Harder and Sons Exterior Maintenance Services Inc.
Agreed Scope and Timing of Work
There will be many things in the report that you as a home owner will be able to accomplish. It is often the little things that prevent the major disaster. 
When reviewing the reports with you, if there is anything that you feel is out of your scope to manage as a property owner, or community, we can provide the service.

Our primary objective is to help you as a property owner and community to develop a plan to protect and mitigate a disaster.

  • Insurance can never replace the memories lost.
  • Investing the cost of your deductible will go a long way at protecting your investment.